Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Archive Part of the Project

A lot of my day each working day is concerned at present with producing archives, a succession of scans of articles in a series of parish magazines in 1972-73 when there was a real effort to reach out to the wider community and thus the magazines have broad historical interest and give a narrative of the life of the church. The parish magazine was called The Church in Barton and produced at the time of Rev. Darrel Speedy.

Well many of these files are pure text files, and then a small number of photograph albums have provided some images from the 1980s with one or two earlier.

The idea is to give these archives exposure for anyone who wants to view them, article by article in an archive page on the church website. As well as some photos, there will be a selection of reports from Annual Church Meetings. The ACM showing now is actually from the magazine.

The first test inkling of this page exists now, though on my website for a short period. [This period is finished] The actual pages will be produced along with Peter Large on his webspace, and he is the Webmaker at Barton. Also for now there is a link on my website at Learning - Religion - Anglican and then scroll down to St Mary's Archives. Here is the archives page.

All this is part of my role as Archive Taxonomist & Heuristical Educator In St Mary's: Developer of Education with Information Technology, Innovating for an E-parish Setup as introduced earlier.

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