Friday, 22 June 2007

The First One

So I have decided to join the world of blogging, realising that it is something to maintain from time to time. It does not mean that I will fail to update my own website, or my diary, or all the many activities I should do.

This is not going to be an all encompassing diary. It is not going to reveal much that belongs in private conversations or is an ongoing personal difficulty or exists as gossip. It is going to be opinions readily made, that I may repeat elsewhere if scattered about. If it gets anyone into trouble, it will be me. This is the intention. I have in the past been in positions of holding pastoral and commercial confidentiality. I like to think that whilst I hear gossip I do not spread it. I'm sure I fail at this matter of confidentiality, but not by intention. I do though stumble into controversy, even with activities above board. Where matters are local, they will already be public, and national/ international matters will concern what is in the public realm. The only revelations can be my own, or something I do.

The main interests here will be political and religious. On the latter I tend to say much on Thinking Anglicans and less so Fulcrum (both Anglican); sometimes I add comment at Faithspace, and I occasionally add comment to the National Unitarian Fellowship Forum (my only connection left with Unitarianism). I do not comment politically anywhere and so this will be additional. In terms of religion, what this space will allow is me to add comments as I wish rather than answering a particular debate.

How long this will last I do not know. My website began in November 1998, and as I write it has over 1850 pages. It needs slimming in some places and recently I pondered a redesign and then made only small changes. The main matter there remains content, and in one sense this blog, which will obviously have a prime link from the homepages (there are two, one originally for counting, now one for mainly first things), is an addition to the website. The website itself has news pages, which update sporadically, the monthly updates even more slowly, and this news element will continue there. Indeed nothing will transfer here. This is new and extra.

It begins...

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