Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Excellent News So Far

So, fantastic, we may say, that at last Gay and lesbian couples can celebrate their big day in religious premises opting into a new scheme.

The fireworks can go off a month on from now, so for many it will be 'Remember, remember the 5th of December'.

Gunpowder there will be, but we'll leave treason and plot to the Church of England and others who say "Not in our back yards, front yards, inside, or anywhere."

No doubt any gay people doing the ceremony in tents will be removed.

The ability of gay couples to marry will follow on later, we assume (given David Cameron's warm words to other Tories), but this will also need to have the obligation on the Church of England to marry all within the parish to be limited to heterosexuals, as well as giving the freedom of other Churches and religious groups to refuse the minority the ability to marry in their settings.

Florists might consider opening shops nearer to Unitarian churches, Quaker meeting houses and Reformed synagogues.

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