Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Potential Problem Regarding the Vote...

On the women bishops thingy...

For the bishops to 'take back' the legislation so that it can be re-presented at a subsequent General Synod without the amendments, a motion to do so needs to be accepted by the Chair of the proceedings.

The Chair of the proceedings has to be one of the Archbishops. The Chair of the proceedings does not have to even accept the motion.

One of these Archbishops at least, and one can bet it was both, argued for wriggle room despite the clear message from the dioceses. He said, to a General Synod, regarding resistance to his Covenant plan, "Read the Ordinal." That is, remember who is boss (wears purple). One of these appointed flying bishops well ahead of this vote.

So would one of these Archbishops, would either of them, accept the motion to return to the bishops, or would either force a vote now on the nuclear option - it is either women bishops with "taint" or it is no women bishops at all (and will have to start all over again)?

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