Tuesday, 18 September 2012

CV Higher Criticism

I have been asked to provide an opening article on personal beliefs at Lay Anglicana. So I have and will make a link there when it appears. I wrote it out longhand on paper at first and there are very few changes. Lay Anglicana was interesting recently with its Canterbury runners and riders but of course it is somewhat internal to the institution if with a general moderately liberal voice.

I've been quite busy. One is with the music, but it was put to one side to produce a presentation for a job interview - I'd teach adults to produce CVs.

Anyone like me who's done the jobseekers' treadmill will know that this is an area without progression and just means repetition. Have you made a CV? Yes. When? Last time I was at one of these.

Now I hate learning by Powerpoint, and may approach is to reverse it. The resource contains more than I will say, not less. Teachers lean on bullet points and students copy them down and surprisingly no one learns the reason for anything. So my approach to CVs adds in a bit of biblical criticism. See if you, reader, can spot it.

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