Monday, 18 March 2013

New Website Pages

I am paying more attention to my website. I'm passing on my tips for a fast use of the government's so-called Universal Jobsmatch website, which the registered unemployed are forced to use. In the world of tick box Kafkaesque realities, and being monitored, my method I suggest gets one through the bureaucratic corridors faster and protects your back.

With a friend in mind I created an /learning/business/marketinganalysis.html" target="_blank">online marketing advice page. The important point to remember, always, is that it's the sizzle and not the sausage that should be advertised.

I maintain my interest in liturgy and its principles, trying to apply them to a religious community that abandoned fixed liturgies long ago, but where ministers and others effectively write them over and over again. So far there are two main webpages and these are /liturgyculture.html" target="_blank">Liturgy and Culture and also Liturgy and Belief. How do these apply in a religious community that evolves its beliefs and promotes individual diversity of belief? The first upload of these recent pages was one on Liturgy and ceremonial process with its use of objects and colours. and As background I'd advise a reading of Duncan McGuffie's booklet.

Also I may scan through the blog to see what pages can form webpages and have a more fixed presentation.

The thing is, I'm not really interested in the new pope, even if the media keeps telling me he matters. He doesn't. Nor does the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

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