Saturday, 8 June 2013

Chucky Egg Dispute

An unholy newspaper loves it has broken out among insignificant members of the clergy after a Reverend Rammit Rabbit called the Archbishop a banker and a cooking fun teapot for upsetting him during a pathetic debate recently in the House of Cards.

In response Rev. Potato Nipple Areola, the most unlikely Communications Officer going, said it is not for such a count a Kent to call an archbishop a banker and cooking fun teapot, no matter who he is or what he said.

Not since the days when an incompetent drunk tried to lop off the head of Thomas Cromwell has such a row threatened to spill over into the realms of plotting high officials where elites compete to get their religious party an advantage.

Rev. Potato Nipple Areola said, directly, "You, sir, ah soul, are an onionist yourself, that is you peel away layer after layer and there is nothing left and not advised for the circumvented."

However, the Reverend added that this would be like seamen off a prostitute's back in terms of what the archbishop thought. He'd only be chuckling over his sterile chucky egg reading his morning paper and preparing another speech in support of the party line.

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