Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Why Keep Waiting?

My comment to Colin Coward's piece:

Well I agree with all that, though I’m not a ‘follower’ of anyone and each sort of Church constructs its own sort of God, pretty horrible constructions they are too. I suppose you hope that this same institution somehow carries on and carries on and eventually, some generations later, for the descendents, puts its boundary around you instead of excluding and maintaining institutional relationships with institutions far far worse. But why should it be so? Why indeed wait – constantly waiting, constantly unwelcomed? I mean, a bishop who says, ‘oh you lay [gay] people who have got married. Em, you realise this departs from the Church’s teachings, and we won’t change them. You realise you couldn’t do it if clergy. But we can have some prayers – better in your home and out of sight, however.’ If I were on the receiving end of that, I’d tell him to get lost. I’d tell his institution to get lost too. I understand the desperate need to help people in Nigeria and Uganda, etc., but that is best done by governments that have leverage. You won’t tell the institution, the bishops, to get lost, and they rely upon that.

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Gary Paul Gilbert said...

Yes, Adrian, for me, it makes little sense to get a stupid prayer from a church when the congregaton is not there for the couple. It is all very hypocritical.

The register office is a better option, with one's friends attending and then supporting the couple after. The spirit blows where it will. It is not in the C of E.

Gary Paul Gilbert