Thursday, 3 March 2016

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I always seem to have difficulty finishing off the magazine, or create some sort of error that delays matters. I made a mistake with it, assuming that generous margins also allowed for backgrounds to go into them and be cut fine by a professional printer. Not so, the bleed area (that I knew about) means the page size must be greater than A5. Rather than faff about trying to achieve that consistently, I altered the pages with coloured backgrounds into the margins to white margins like most pages. It should now be all right. Difficulties with CYMK colours seem inevitable, but I can check that. I can't check other than physically how deep and dark or light they end up printing the copies.

Anyway the magazine as altered is online. I have my own impression software, which means it can be printed on A4 pages side by side back facing and then front facing in book order. This is why there are three links and sometimes four (they send a double sided impression).

I always like to add to archives. So a newspaper cutting from 1995 was about Barry Cundill's hymn A Unitarian Faith. This cutting was creased so that it would not OCR. I had to type it out. But it did get an image scan from the monotone dots of the newspaper photo. I scanned that and have thrown everything at it except actually drawing over it (and I've done that before) to produce a fairly decent image. His hymn is my No Book 004 in the Spiritual area - Hymns section of my website.

A while ago a request went out for a tune to accompany God of the Granite, a hymn not in Unitarian hymn books. I found London Kettering (Extended), and a tune resource for it. I made it into No Book 017 in the Spiritual area - Hymns section of my website. However, the tune was very elaborate and I have since cut it down to the verses only (and a bit at the end) in composing software and then a little audio editing (amplification) for the MP3 result. - Basic computer tune - Full sound tune Sheet music - still rather a lot of it. Transfer between composing software

NB 017 (London Kettering (Extended))
[God of the Granite]

God of the granite and the rose,
Soul of the sparrow and the bee,
The mighty tide of Being runs
Through countless channels, Lord, from Thee.
It leaps to life in grass and flowers,
Through every grade of being runs,
Till from creation's radiant towers
Its glory flames in stars and suns –
Its glory flames in stars and suns!

O, ye who sit and gaze on Life,
With folded hands and fettered will,
Who only see, amid the strife,
The dark supremacy of ill;
Know that, like birds and streams and flowers,
The life that moves you is Divine,
Nor time nor space, nor human powers,
Your godlike spirit can confine –
Your godlike spirit can confine!

God of the granite and the rose,
Soul of the sparrow and the bee,
The mighty tide of Being flows
Through all thy creatures back to thee.
Thus round and round the circle runs –
A mighty tide without a shore –
While humans, angels, stars and suns
Unite to praise thee evermore –
Unite to praise thee evermore!

[Words by Lizzie Doten, made inclusive, published 1911]

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