Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Website Updates

I've been busy with my website, so here are some updates that have taken place. A number of introductory pages have had menu improvements for less scrolling and more clicking. Partly this is due to increased content, so here goes.

Much has been added to the Localities Area (its menu improved). I sorted out a lot of information regarding the comings and goings of Hull Protestant establishments into a time-order and denominations webpage. My fantasy proposals for London Rapid Transit must be complete now, with more geographical and diagrammatic maps. Meaux and the abbey (now vague remains) gets a page. Leonard Chamberlain, as according to his Will, did not own the land, but the Trust does now. Selby had some Trust housing changes in 1970. Back in Hull, although the Bowl Alley Lane Unitarian chapel ceased to be that in 1881, personnel connections with it continued. Sutton-on-Hull had a railway station, so this describes what it was like.

In addition, the opening of the new Unitarian Church in Park Street in 1977 has a revamped webpage that shows the full service in the Unitarian Worship section of the Spiritual Area. There will be no more Galapagos Penguin articles in the Hull Unitarian Magazine but it will give a link to where people can find what happened to Juan online in the Fictional Area. As I edit my novel, updates go there from time to time as well.

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