Thursday, 19 July 2007

Another Hutton?

Here we go again. We had all the evidence to the Hutton Enquiry exposing how the publicity part of Downing Street was part of the over-emphasised presentation of beliefs of group-think regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the government got off Scott (pun intended) free. The result was Parliament was fiddled into a war by an executive branch that was run by one believer. Now we have police investigation after investigation when the government decided to dodge around its own legislation having loans instead of donations (but don't worry about paying us back) and the odd peerage proposal being blocked by the House of Lords itself, plus the investigation looking into the withholding of information in that enquiry, and now we find once again Tony and all those cronies are Scott free.

The BBC was rocked when Hutton said it was part of the establishment and don't rock the boat, we will now have the Police under attack (and no doubt but considerably less so the Crown Prosecution Service) and the Scottish National Party has already been referred to as that little sectarian party. So this government, that loved big private donors, and danced around its own clean-up legislation, is once again whiter than white. Except, of course, it wasn't.

The BBC is in trouble again because it is part of the creative industry (all television is a constructed deception) and lost its sense of the boundaries, whilst ITV goes down the plughole with its late night pointless exploitation of the idiots who ring in, with trash on channel after channel. But see the effect of the BBC's self-mutilations: Newsnight tonight has been tiptoeing around this story because the BBC is frightened. It should have put it, straight away, because the question needs to be asked: Is this another Hutton? It is, after all, a question.

The voting public is not stupid, and changing the top is not its solution to dodging the verdict of the voter. The rot is at the spinning top.

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