Monday, 2 August 2010

Pleasant Sunday

Nothing to report other than a pleasant Sunday helping in a congregational mix service and then cars to a Unitarian congregant's back garden in the flat lands of Holderness after the service. It's not so far from where I live, except that there's a wide estuary in the way, and travelling home took just under 50 minutes because I had to travel back through Hull and to its west to come over the Humber. It is an indication of how far from churches some Unitarians live, and this is by no means extreme. Both he and I are about 30 minutes away with swift travel. The roads are actually good, but they built dual carriageways in his direction to an obvious 70 mph standard, and then (typical for Hull) slapped a 40 mph limit on all of them, bringing the speed limits again into disrepute. Without camera signs on them, people casually go much faster, thus as if there are speed signs you must obey and those you might break. I also went Anglican in the evening, a cut down service for August and more intimate; better I think, with a sermon about tongues and clarity of meaning, followed by the creed (which rather defeats the point) where I stayed well and truly sat and silent.

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