Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I realised today that I have already attended my last regular service at Barton-on-Humber. So the chapter, opened in 2004 (regular attending) has come to an end.

My intention is not to join in with an Anglican community at the new place of residence. When I lived there before there were five and now there are four active churches in a team ministry there. One of them I used in my Ph.D as an example of an evangelical church, and I'd regard that place now pretty much at one end of the scale. I'm not sure about what is the most historic church, now the most eastern, the one in Sutton itself. A clue must be in a lack of emphasis on eucharistic celebration, and yet there seems to be little in the way of other clues. This is one of the most secular places in Britain, where there are vast numbers in surrounding housing estates between these churches of Sutton and Wawne, Bransholme and Sutton Park, and there was a small to pathetic attendance in each of them.

This raises a puzzle as to whether I am going to continue to comment on Anglican affairs when I am no longer active, in any sense. I might still attend the Barton In Depth group from time to time - that may attract a new incomer who wrote looking for something substantive for discussion (better keep up the level now I've stopped presenting!) - but that would be it. The Humber Bridge is a barrier and the times do not facilitate attendance.

I might writing a novel, and if I did something would have to cease, and it might be the blog. The website would continue. Keeping the blog just to make website announcements would not work, because it would cease to be visited. Perhaps the blog could be a novel - there is a story in it paused months back where the final part is still to take place and that might be the last entry of this blog as it is.

I'm not sure yet. Already I can make some comments on Benny's visit and his grinning host, but needs to pack are priority. And so these few minutes to make these comments are a gap themselves in all the necessaries going on.

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Erika Baker said...

Yes, it all makes sense. But I should very much miss your blog!