Thursday, 2 September 2010

Unitarian God-Talk

Just a link - some Unitarians talking about God very recently from the rural delights of the Peak District where the Unitarians have a retreat/ tourist centre. Asked at the In Depth Group whether I believe in (the existence of) God I said not really but it's a possibility.

Relevant to link to this Channel 4 News discussion; McGrath as a reasonable evangelical (though I'm with the other fellow).


hugh said...

Such a " loose " question usually brings out my impish but slightly iritated reply. " It depends what you mean by God . It depends what you mean by existence "


Cheers .


Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Indeed. The content of these sound archives varies. It's a pity they weren't edited and reduced before posting. On the other hand, the give a flavour of a gathering at Hucklow.

Yewtree said...

@ hugh: Of course - that's what we spent a good deal of the week discussing: "It depends what you mean by God."

@ Adrian: thanks for the link. I realised on listening to it afterwards that my talk was full of ums and ers, but I think I expressed some interesting ideas, nevertheless.