Saturday, 5 May 2012

Clegg Must Go; Liberal Democrats are Finished

I am not a soft Liberal Democrat voter. I am a core Liberal Democrat voter. I voted for them in every General Election except 1979 and 1997. I vote for them in council elections. But not this time. I had choices only of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat. So I voted Labour. I do quite like Ed Miliband and agree (roughly) with their economics (because the curves have shifted - monetary policy doesn't work, tax cuts doesn't work, but spending does work - into deep recession and Keynes is back).

In one interview Labour MP and one time Liberal Peter Hain accidentally let the cat out of the bag. He referred to progressive parties and the Liberal Democrats. That's the point. The Liberal Democrats I'd vote for are the ones of the party built further by Ashdown and Kennedy, and according to the manifesto of the 2010 General Election. But that manifesto turned out to be a fraudulent one in advance and the Liberal Democrats are little more than a prop for the Conservatives, now becoming a bungling government.

Nick Clegg recently told Andrew Marr, I think, when asked if he'll lead the Liberal Democrats into the next General Election, "You Bet." Well, here is another You Bet. If he doesn't announce he is going then, as for me, not voting Liberal Democrat at the next General Election: You Bet.

Clegg is toxic. He only has to stand and speak and he is toxic. We know what will happen. He will go into the next general Election. The Liberal Democrats will be destroyed. Then they will remove him. Then it is unclear whether they can ever recover and if so would take thirty years (I'll be well dead by then). It may well be, though, that come the next election the party is already too weak to give itself a chance at the election, assuming anyone much wants to vote for them.

The only hope is that as the Liberal Democrats fail and fade, and lose legitimacy in government, that they can take the Tories down with them. I have no interest in UKIP's anti-Europeanism and Tory hot buttoning, but I hope they can help bring the Tories down as well glued, as they are, to the Orange Book wooden legs.

Electors have long memories. They wait and then they do what they intend with their votes. I am waiting. I'd like this lot gone tomorrow but I will wait.

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to vote for the Lib Dems, no matter who is in charge?

As for voters having long memories, yes a few have, but most don't. Labour is ahead in the polls despite the fact that they trashed (as always) the economy and opened the door to mass immigration - something which definitely didn't appear in their manifesto of 1997. Cameron & Milliband are both pro EU as is the raving, Euro-fanatic Clegg. The EU is a corrupt, monolithic, anti-democratic, political construct which is wholly bad for Britain. Apart from left wing Euro-nutters, people's attitude when voting to stay in the EU will be 'cling on to nurse for fear of something worse'.
There's nothing to be scared of. This country will be far, far better off doing what it did for centuries…… running itself. Vote for democracy and get your country back.