Thursday, 24 May 2012

Entryist Out

So it turns out that Richard Turnbull has been removed from Wycliffe Hall as Principal. The conservative evangelical attempt at entryism into the theological colleges may be coming unstuck.Simon Vibert and appointees will probably keep up the identity of the place but only until there is a new Principal. Turnbull may stay in another role.

I made a lot of this in 2006 and into 2007 when my website noted the entryist strategy employed by the new Principal, to go after liberal evangelicals and replace them in order to get after the real enemy, the liberals. In fact, my transcribing his talk to Reform made my then new blog and older website reach out to more Anglicans. He appointed the like-minded, and probably they were not suitable. Maybe the wheel has come off his wagon and the 'liberal-evangelicals' will live longer after all.

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