Thursday, 9 August 2012

Unitarian Jokes

Apparently, according the the Unitarian Facebook page, there is a Unitarian Joke Book for sale. What? You don't need to buy a Unitarian joke book, when you could write your own.

On that page I suggested these:

A Unitarian went into a hall full of adults only and said, "I know there are no children here but nevertheless I am going to tell you a children's joke."

A Unitarian decided to illustrate ancient and modern. He said, "Look, this is a Double Decker chocolate bar and that is a three decker pulpit."

A Unitarian preacher said he was going to tell a few jokes, and they were all old ones. People started complaining, but he said they don't when he goes around using the same service in different churches.

A Unitarian said he was going to be "really liberal today" and asked his congregation, "Don't you think Jesus was a really decent human being?"

A Unitarian theologian enrolled at University in the History department.

I could write the joke book myself. Wouldn't be very funny. [I added]

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