Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Government Making Enemies

The Tories assume that we only care for ourselves, so if we are all right then bugger the individual who isn't. This 'Work shall make you free' government - except there isn't enough to go round and it is being spread ever more thinly - thinks that everyone in work is some version of white van man, who gives a shit about no one else except himself or his own family.

Not so. We live in a community, and it matters to those in work that those out of it at least can live reasonably while they look to get work. The language of punishment that suits millionaire George Osborne isn't that of others equally struggling who believe in society and community.

At least we know for sure why there is a bedroom tax. It is little to do with redistributing the housing stock, but rather to make enemies of those who can't find work.

People keep their curtains shut in the morning because they are trying to keep the expensive heat it; though now more sunshine means it is perhaps better to open the curtains. Osborne, or his mansion-borrowing sidekick, Iain Duncan Smith, wouldn't understand this. They are a bunch of privileged selfish gits who think that by making enemies others will vote for them.

How on earth did we end up with a government like this? I didn't vote for them, but for the Liberal Democrats on an entirely different manifesto. Bye bye Liberal Democrats, your punishment is coming. We were told by Cameron of a 'compassionate Conservatism', but that was a load of rubbish. They have turned into a government of a viciousness even Margaret Thatcher avoided, and she loved making enemies. But her enemies were institutions that had strength about them, often vested interests that, rightly or wrongly, she thought she should attack. Perhaps we were left with too few defences and the Tories have just gone for ordinary people; Blair's Labour never restored institutions that defended ordinary people.

This Labour Party and others, like the Green MP and the SDLP, have got to look for every opportunity to bring this coalition down. If they do they will be well rewarded. See how weak and fearful are the Liberal Democrats - clinging to the Tories before the avalanche of death gets them both - but try and winkle them off their masters. And don't join in the rhetoric of deserving and undeserving poor that satisfies the selfish Tories. This government is turning people into paupers with nothing left to lose and the faster it can be removed the better.


Kenneth Robertson said...

Whatever the merits or otherwise of the government programme, Labour offers no alternative except 'spend,spend,spend' - which is partly what landed us with the massive debt that now faces more than one generation if not curbed. Labour NEVER again!

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I don't agree. The crisis stands with the banking system and the inflated products and derivatives. You cannot insure against a whole downturn, but they had products which apparently removed risk. Labour failed to monitor the banking system, as did other governments, and Labour also failed with any reverse cyclical measures.

It is capitalism that's bust, not Labour, but what is wrong with Labour even now is that it is allowing others to set the agenda. So it still talks about the deserving and undeserving poor. The measures to restore the economy could be very far reaching, and not unlike post-war.