Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Throw Them Out

The Conservative Party has proved itself to be the 'Nasty Party' But the Liberal Democrats cannot wriggle out of this one.

I'm not going to join in with petitions to ask Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week when he pays more than that casually for a meal in a restaurant just for himself. We know how his supposed empathy turned into empatory and then just tory. He knows he is defending the indefensible with the bedroom tax.

Those who can get out of it will do so quickly, and then after this we are going to see people stuck and living in abject poverty. There isn't the housing stock available to effect the apparent intention of the policy, and this intention has long been a lie. The policy simply has to change. Even changing it to allow one spare bedroom, that is making it +1 than it is, would be a relief and improvement. You could at least then argue that everyone gets a room for a carer or a grandparent to stay. What cunts they are in government to deny people even this.

The Tories don't care because these are not their electorate. But if they think they can appeal to poorer workers, they can't, as they are even worse off with the bedroom tax as, very often, they end up losing the lot of what they do get. Again the Liberal Democrats cannot escape their responsibility: they cannot claim just the things they favour. The Liberal Democrats are not progressive, not seeking to include those at the bottom. Electorally, they will be destroyed: Eastleigh only told them that the Tory voter might as well vote Liberal Democrat (whereas it was thought to be the other way around). If the Tories are destroyed by the coalition and by UKIP I for one will be delighted, but I want the Liberal Democrats to be severely punished for betraying their electorate. I won't be fooled again. I can't wait and let's hope those who have been downtrodden can at least get to the polling stations to throw this lot as far as they can be thrown.

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