Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cull Means Kill

Rev. Prof. Andrew Linzey, a theologian at Oxford University, with his special interest in developing the theos-rights of animals, says the RSPCA should prosecute those involved in the mass killing of badgers.

Keeping it practical, a press release has been issued in which he says:
"The planned killings -- erroneously called "culls" -- which are planned to take place on 1 June are utterly bereft of scientific or ethical justification.

"In the history of animal protection, we have witnessed many attempts to fool the public but none more concerted or ridiculous than the proposed killing of thousands upon thousands of badgers. In less than a week's time government paid guns will shoot free running badgers which will undoubtedly cause suffering. The RSPCA and other animal welfare organisations should bring test cases to demonstrate the cruelty involved and the perfidity of the government's justifications.

“The Secretary of State for the Environment, Owen Paterson, has shown himself incapable of reflecting either the views of the Commons (which has voted overwhelming against the so-called "cull") or the majority of public opinion. He should resign to make way for someone who understands the nation's concern for the proper treatment of animals.

"The only solution to bovine TB is the vaccination of cows and/ or badgers. Everything else is dross and detail."

See the website for the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, with its more than 60 Fellows from throughout the world among a variety of academic disciplines. The press release is via Samantha Calvert Marketing & PR.

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