Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shift Foie-Gras off Channel 4

Normally I avoid Internet campaigns but made an exception for this one and produced a simplified letter:

Dear Channel 4

I am very disappointed to see that foie-gras has once again been featured on Come Dine With Me.

You already know that foie-gras is cruel and its production banned in Britain but not its importation.

Allowing it to be cooked and served on Come Dine with Me helps popularise foie-gras and means cruelty.

I am asking that the Channel 4 take the ethical decision to dump foie-gras from its programming.

It is a nasty, disgusting way of producing food and should be banned, and is an example of duplicity to allow it to be imported when we ban its production. It should not be featured as cookery. If Channel 4 is embarrassed then it might remove it; after all it has long had an anti-smoking policy so it does make such decisions.


Ray Barnes said...

Agree absolutely.
Of all the many ways to kill animals (and there are many) for non-essential food, this is the worst.
Barbaric, and terribly cruel and something of which the world should be ashamed in this 'enlightened' age.

Naomi said...

Nice one Adrian. I am not always a great supporter of your various contentious campaigns, but in this attack on what has long seemed to me one of the most brutal and depraved methods of raising animals for utterly self obsessed gastronomic fancies, I support you all the way.