Monday, 9 June 2008

New Parish Role

For the next three months I carry out a new role for four days a week at the parish church where I worship. The role was worked out by the parish priest, Revd. David Rowett, and is at my CV Area on the Pluralist Website.

The name of the role, which will soon be added to my CVs, with descriptions of skills based experience, is:

Archive Taxonomist & Heuristical Educator In St Mary's: Developer of Education with Information Technology, Innovating for an E-parish Setup.

You can tell that I came up with a title like that. The colours are to help anyone who is a bit slow. Of course it is for the benefit of the parish and gives me some skills too.

So I shall type out a dissertation on clergy training, decide whether to classify/ catalogue or electronically store and then classify/ catalogue and electronically record some archives, and after some 'market research' and evaluation set up a syllabus and content for an adult education based theology course with some testing out (I have already been thinking about this). There is a parish Webmaker already with the Parish Website, so this involves all round education (him to me and me to him) regarding development as well as the syllabus, scheme of work and sessions with resources production.

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