Sunday, 8 June 2008

Uganda's Leading Website

Here is the latest from The New Vision Online, Uganda's Leading Website no less.

The article is headed: Orombi wants pro-gay bishops to apologise. It is by Anne Mugisa and Angella Asiimire from Thursday, 5th June, 2008.

Here are some choice quotes. First (two parts joined):

PRO-GAY bishops must apologise and renounce their support for sexual perversion in order to reunite the Church...

"The rift in the Church can only be bridged if the liberal bishops, espousing sexual perversion, repent and return to Christ’s teachings."

Well, if you must put it like that! Next:

He was announcing the departure of a team of Church of Uganda bishops to the Anglican Communion scheduled for June 22-29 in Jerusalem.

Which Communion is that then? Then there's this:

Over 1,000 bishops are boycotting the Lambeth conference, the highest doctrine and policy setting assembly of the Anglican Church, in protest over the invitation of pro-gay bishops. The meeting is slated for August in Westminster, the UK.

No wonder they will boycott it - they will get lost if they don't, and that's more bishops boycotting the event than are in fact invited. Gosh, the University of Canterbury will be deserted. There will be bishops hanging around in Westminster! Someone direct them to a hostel for the homeless!

Here's some more:

Jesus, he pointed out, was very clear on divorce. "He says divorce is because of the hardness of your hearts. The Bible completely forbids same- sex unions." The sharp rift started when an American bishop, Gene Robinson, divorced his wife and took on a male partner. The Episcopal Church consecrated him in 2003.

So Gene Robinson caused problems to Anglicanism when, as a bishop, he divorced his wife, and then took on a male partner - just like that! That's how it happened folks, check your sources.

There's more:

Besides, there were other issues dividing the Church, Orombi stated, citing the assertion that Jesus was not the only way to God and His birth was not of a virgin nature.

Gosh, Jesus was not the only way to God: when was Jesus not the only way to God? And I tell you what: everyone is a virgin when they are born.

And we think our press is crap.

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