Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Notes from a Parallel Universe

Revd. Mark Paris is a priest of a tiny Church (I specialise in tiny Churches) located in Swindon. This is one branch of the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church, reborn and more liberal (I think) after its main creators moved off to form their more high Church Latinate tiny Church, including among them an ex Unitarian student who, gossip told me recently, once attempted to organise a student ordinands' strike at Unitarian College. He is now a trinitarian bishop! Bishop Adrian Glover, once a Methodist Lay Preacher, is now the main man, who created something called the Cross Denominational Mission, though his write up of Unitarianism isn't quite right in places (sorry, but it isn't and I wouldn't initially direct people to it - but it is readable for comparisons to what the historians have set out).

Mark Paris made a foolish request for me to draw him, which I have (click on it for the full size), and given his liking for a gay clergy shirt I think his parallel universe other, called Perry Match, must be in the forthcoming Fashion Show. Look out for that, hosted by Wok Pan and a Wykkyfish minister Lesley Bloke, who I see is one of his Faceblock friends over there, even though the forerunner of Liberal Catholicism (with a once Theosophical streak) and the English version of Old Catholicism under Arnold Harris Mathew had an historically marking rough relationship with the Church in England. The division between Liberal Catholicism and the Church in England is as bad historically as between the Baptists and Unitarians. Lesley Bloke will partly host the show sat down as I hear she is suffering from MP3 Syndrome, and no doubt she will tell Peter Levite (host of 'Northern Catch' on television) how one gets MP3 Syndrome. The fashion show is all about women ordained as bishops, and the newly made Revd. Marsovenus will model just one of the outfits (I hear), though she is also unwell - apparently suffering from hiccoughs and persistent belpering.

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