Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Service of the Moment

Typical, isn't it? We've had one of the warmest winters ever, with the heating off comfortably for some hours of many days at least, and now, as one of my rare own services comes, the snow is falling and laying. I doubt that I'll be speaking to many people.

Update Insertion

Indeed , down to single figures, though the service was well appreciated and generated a lot in the way of positive group debate afterwards about both Jesus and the congregation's distant past. Also one said that my services used to be hard to follow but doesn't know why but seem to be easier to follow now. I said it's probably because I am wearing out. The music was very varied too.

But, aha, the effort that goes into these services is made worth it thanks to remote viewing on the Internet. The service and sermon (in .PDF format) represents my own slight shift away from postmodernity and back towards modernity. I'm asking questions about history without becoming an empiricist - no, even history has multiple schools of approach. I'm using what others say to point out my own quest for more discipline in what can be said and what cannot be said.

I left the sermon and service writing to very late. It was only done this week. I could have tackled many subjects, but what I wrote I wrote quickly because it is where I am at. Yes it says Muhammad's birthday was Saturday and that one of the four Jewish New Years is coming up. It sees that the C of E is making important decisions. But, in the end, this is a service not attached to a calendar but to the way I am thinking about science, history, the paranormal, Jesus, transcendence and such thinking's relationship with Unitarianism.

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