Thursday, 12 April 2012

Never Mind April Fool - Just Dream

Perhaps it's an absence of alternative activities, but my dream world seems to be getting ever more vivid and even disturbing. I rarely dream with a religious theme, but I did on Wednesday morning.

Just to say I have a high opinion of the Unitarians' Nightingale Centre; I am aware of the barn not far off that is (or was) basic accommodation, and there is the Derbyshire countryside in that area, sort of plateau before the Peak District's more dramatic countryside, and it is all well green.

I'm also aware of the south west Wales 'Black Spot' location of Unitarian chapels in Wales, though I have never seen any directly.

This dream was located in mid-Wales, and not quite Black Spot country, and yet it looked more like Derbyshire, though the key was the railway line, a single track one that looped around the locality.

So I was with a group of Unitarians on a long walk up a path that was a south to north Wales path. Off it we went to these large rectangular unfinished buildings, or ruined (I think unfinished), in that inside they had lots of square windows but no glass, and grass growing where there should be a floor. There seemed to be a roof. And I recall the wind coming in and that if this was a worship place it wasn't very pleasant. It was probably used ad hoc. And then further up after walking there was another building just like it that this group visited. Someone was well informed. Again it was unfinished. They indicated a lack of use and lack of money.

The railway line that was far off to the south actually curled around, and a train coming north went right past this chapel so that it was up above at one wall (so no roof there).

At this point my camera, rather than being lost, had changed and become smaller - still digital - but as it had changed I couldn't work it. I also started to feel the cold, and realised I hadn't dressed for all weathers, and I would have no protection. I was just going to have to follow the rest and walk back.

So what was that all about, then? I am one for analysing dreams and usually there is an obvious point regarding me.

On the one hand it looks like a story about being attached and putting effort into a defunct religious movement visiting its incomplete relics and half-used places. It obviously carries some sort of 'no future in this' message. But actually I think it is more about me, and having no holidays for a long time now, and losing contact with places, and being in something of a dead end - the camera being unusable is a key, which has been used to picture my decrepid legs. It may be that the defunct half-finished half-used places around this religion are the only attachment and interest I now have, and that all others have gone (simply because I cannot afford them - one lives to the extent of the money available).

Incidentally the dream before this involved being in a back yard like where I lived as a child, and a back door and the problem of shoving a horse up and over an oven that was in the way of the back door, and that if the horse went high enough through the gap it would end up next door where it needed to be. My pub friends said I'd been watching Laurel and Hardy, but I hadn't except for a recent encounter with The Tale of the Lonesome Pine and Way out West.

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