Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Daftest of Decisions

News reached me via the jungle telegraph that James Barry will no longer be the Unitarians' webmaker. I might be talking out of turn here, lacking some information, but only because I can't think of anything more bonkers. He made a dreadful website (remember those squares) look good again, and has added all sorts of features. He also knows plenty about publicity more generally. Structures get changed 'to be more effective' and you find they end up doing the same thing. If the centre is cutting its suit numbers according to what cloth is available, the one thing you don't do is shut down the shop window. You keep your marketing department as long as you can. This chap has brought people in through the door. No wonder people get fed up with the centre. Now tell me what in this I have got wrong.

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Tim said...

A lot of people have found it hard to swallow that a popular figure such as James will lose his job at Essex Hall.

James carried out his work as a consultant, not as a staff member, and I understand the decision to release him was taken to save money on consultants. It was also felt inapproriate that operational IT work be carried out by a consultant, and I believe James declined to apply for the part time staff post that continued some of his work.

I hope that provides context, but I don't have further details.