Friday, 31 October 2008

In front of Mad Priest

I'm doing a Mad Priest here, as he hasn't got this one.

Not long ago I told a recycled joke to respectable company about a man who goes to the doctor with licorice hanging out of one ear, a carrot out of the other and a potato up his bum. The doctor says, "You're not eating properly."

Now read (from Digital Spy)...

Vicar has potato removed from bottom

Friday, October 31 2008, 14:49 GMT

By Simon Reynolds, Entertainment Reporter

A vicar in Yorkshire has had a potato removed from his bottom after claiming that he fell on it while hanging curtains naked.

Nurse Trudi Watson of Sheffield Northern General Hospital recalled how the unnamed clergyman in his 50s arrived at the A&E ward with the embarrassing problem.

She told local newspaper The Star: "He explained to me, quite sincerely, he had been hanging curtains naked in the kitchen when he fell backwards on to the kitchen table and on to a potato.

"It's not for me to question his story. He had to undergo surgery to have it removed."

(It goes on)

Why didn't he just say he hadn't been eating properly?

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