Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Easter Day Service

So I have produced a complete Unitarian Service for Easter Day, and it comes with a service order sheet for distribution on the day. It is a hymn sandwich service with an element of candle lighting.

Anyone looking at this service can see the Anglican influence, but the sermon discusses my current marginal participation in amongst an argument about how Holy Week and Easter Day might be understood with some use of the insights of Charles Darwin.

There is some slack built into the service: I can cut out the poem meditation and even the second reading about Charles Darwin's writing (it being the third reading) if time presses, but it should all do an hour.

Here is a judgment about material. I thought I actually like that collect by Kevin Thew Forrester, and decided to use it, but, though the congregation might say it together, words like 'proclaim the gospel' and 'through the healing Spirit of Christ' need a consent that Unitarians in a congregation might not want to give. So I say it. It is about as far as the congregation could go, if it is of the characteristic it was years back.

There are more Unitarian resources at the page which links to these services.

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