Thursday, 23 April 2009

Skype Yipe

As a matter of information, I have now joined the Skype network, and the name is pluralistspeaks, just like this blog, as someone else wanted to be called Pluralist, though my first name and surnames together will find me and so will I remain (for the foreseeable future) on the Tesco Internet Phone at 01300270094 (the number is based on the house and the year of moving and what was available!) as well. The fact is that the latter has been of personal use but no one has ever contacted me on it except by mistake, whereas this evening I received a communication by Skype straight away (from a church friend). One gets the impression that Tesco came along to put its finger in the pie that Skype occupied via blister packs of headphone with microphone and a CD, but probably in this case Skype has remained dominant.

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