Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sermons at St. Mary's Barton

I've put these on my own website, under Spiritual, Anglican Worship, because they are all insightful and intelligent sermons, three by a retired priest (who adds to the ministerial resources) and one by the Priest in Charge.

They are:

Holy Week Wednesday

Maundy Thursday

Easter Day (early)

Easter Day (not quite so early)

So read and reflect at leisure (they are not very long).

All these should also appear on the Parish Church website too.

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gordonplumb said...

I did not hear the not quite so early sermon on Easter Day. I had been at the 6am vigil and presided and preached at 8am, but then I went home to see my daughter before she left for London! It is an intelligent, thoughtful and thought-provoking piece. I count it a great privilege in retirement to have such preaching regularly at St Mary's.

Gordon Plumb
[David Rowett has not paid me to write this!].