Thursday, 23 April 2009

Not a Member of the Club

Take a look at this page of the Fulcrum discussion boards (and then click Next Page to keep going):

And see what happens. It starts off, properly, about the Latest Text of the Anglican Covenant from Cambridge Meeting, and then there is what amounts to be a personal attack on me by Nersen Pillay, known as NP when he was taking Thinking Anglicans down the same tramlines over and over again, as he does on Fulcrum (read his posts at Fulcrum by clicking on his name: you get the point). I then respond, as I surely have the right to do so. Celinda then makes a reasonable point that is sufficiently on topic (it responds to me, but it is a general statement) and then Iconoclast is more personal but quite warm. I then get off the subject in response.

The conclusion of these folks is I'm outside the club (I wouldn't bother with Nersen Pillay: he'd kick out half of all Church of England Anglicans as failing his test - a numbers obsessed one as he attends Holy Trinity Brompton - and he has a particular target in Anglican clergy leadership). Well I suppose I am, and, in so far as I do, I am participating in a cultural liturgy for its spiritual effect whilst I do not believe the substantive doctrine in any realist sense.

Apologies then to Graham Kings for the deviation in the discussion boards, which really should not be about me. However, his contribution to put the topic back to the centre has led to another entry there by me and also back on topic. I maintain the view, as an observer if nothing else, that the Covenant would be additionally divisive to the situation as it now exists. That is, incidentally, the basis on which I post at Fulcrum - as an outsider there, as I have always made clear.

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