Thursday 11 April 2019

Treat the European Parliament Elections as a Referendum

I could have blogged half a dozen times since the last entry, but I left it until the European Union Council. It has just agreed an extension until October 31st with a review in June; however, failure to take part in the European Parliament elections means we must leave without a deal on June 30th.

What this means is that those European Parliament Elections - the government has made the order to hold them - could be a substitute referendum. Such MEPs would not sit for very long.

We now need Change UK, the Liberal Democrats, Greens, Scottish Nationalists and Welsh Nationalists to put up candidates with the simply policy to revoke, and set them up against, no doubt, The Brexit Party and UKIP as these would want an instant deal. Many Conservatives will not bother to either stand or support, and Labour will stand but obviously cannot support a revoke position.

With a breather given by the EU Council, the Tory Party is free to spend some time to eat itself. This party must be punished for introducing the damned referendum in the first place, its Prime Minister running away when he lost his gamble of party against country (both lost), and then having a pathetic Prime Minister and Cabinet that could not manage this properly, from Chequers to the Withdrawal Agreement with a sort of six of one and half a dozen of the other that satisfied no one.

I noticed a change of tone on a Sky News vox pox on Wednesday 10th: people saying this had gone on too long, the process had failed, and it was time to stop it.

Meanwhile, Labour must not bale out this government with some, as it used to be called, 'smoke filled room' deal with the government, to try and then raise a minority of the two main parties to get the Withdrawal Agreement through. After all, 177 Tories voted against any extension on Wednesday. Corbyn would be finished at that point, if he isn't already.

Theresa May has to be removed. A Tory right wing Prime Minister would lose Tory support; as the remainer wing would resign the Tory whip. In fact the space now allowed also gives space for breakage of that party. It could now be that Cabinet Ministers resign: they didn't after long political and governmental Cabinets because they could see Labour snared in, but if Labour escapes the trap then there is nothing left, and the Cabinet leavers can cause their disruption as seemed logical.

Revoke keeps the UK in the European Union and the nations of the UK together. However, there are political fall outs that will happen as a result of a wasted three years and trauma to the body politic.