Tuesday 30 December 2014

Larkin About

Larking about for potential use in the Hull Unitarian Magazine, and from newly re-examined archives, these are new pages on my website:

Charles Beard's views - a progressive theologian and historian.

Speeches to welcome Rev. Perris to the Hull Unitarian Church in 1883 (same year as Beard's Reformation book).

Philip Henry Wicksteed's views.

I don't think Wicksteed did very well explaining Marginal Utility in economics.

The so-called Marcus Faithful seems to use a long tongue when impressed by Whitaker's preaching.

And the above with this shows Whitaker to be quite conservative (others had become more progressive than this - indeed, look at Charles Beard so much earlier).


For a bit of fun, these 'poems' were bashed out on Facebook after my friends and I went and ate at Larkins in Newland Avenue, Hull. It uses the poet's name but makes no reference to him at all. So I have been Larkin about, with a little revision to the first and second 'poems':

They fuck you up
Those meals you had
But not these eaten
From this pad.

Light rays darkly downly from the high
Custards of lights over filled up chairs
That face each other, coloured yellow same.
Through open vistas, the pubbing area shares
A larger fun doubting of knaves and folks
With noises given like chatting. See menus read
And devices viewed. Hours chalked,
And all the food ones have come from the dead.

I work part day, and get rat-arsed at night.
Waking at five to World Service bare.
In time the car runs, its beams give light,
And then I see what’s really working, there:
Unending death, a half day plus going,
Since they cut the hours down: but then
And now and here I do myself die
Amid warehousing: yet the dread
Of retail, and serve the dead,
Montages characters stale, to mortify.

This latter nonsense refers to a friend who works early hours but, like so many under this despicable government's economics policy, has had his hours cut.

Saturday 20 December 2014

Canadian Response Suggestion

All right. I'll do one.

The Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei Anglicano - oops there's no such thing, yes there is - it's the
Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order (IASCUFO): Yes.

This body urges the Canadian Anglicans not to change its Canon 21 and allow approval of same sex marriages.

I know it's an old joke I've made before, but the Canadian response should be based on the initials of the CDFA. No, not CDFA. IASCUFO.

I ASC U FO - I ask you fuck off.

The point being there is no doctrinal body for Anglicanism as there is no Anglican worldwide Church. But we'll leave this to them. Nevertheless, time to catch up with reality, time to be pastoral even, make a difference.

Thursday 18 December 2014

Talk and Action: U Turning U Turns

Apparently an ICM poll puts the Liberal Democrats at a 'high' of 14%, this since their talk that criticises the Conservatives. Tim Farron is a left-leaning Liberal Democrat and he might pick up the pieces should the Lib Dems do the decent thing and kick out Nick Clegg (or the electorate in Sheffield - one of his earliest betrayals - do it for them).

The argument surely is not what the Liberal Democrats say, but what they do. Tim Farron and the bunch of them have just voted to keep the Bedroom Tax. Enough done, enough said.

Some might wonder, meanwhile, why in this one-time religious blog, I didn't add a voice about the bishoping of Elizabeth Lane to a suffragan post. Why should I, some 110 years after the full ministry achieved  of Gertrude von Petzold? (And she had opposition - then came the difficulties for her of the First World War). Or why respond when the C of E acts decades after many main denominations? Furthermore, this comes when they've created a Bishop of Maidstone to be a reserved designer Conservative Evangelical and The Society under the Patronage of Saint Wilfrid and Saint Hilda is encouraging its Register so that there is an instant list of male only bishops who themselves have been ordained by only a line of male ordained bishops. Oh and never mind the wider issues of gender inclusion.