Thursday 18 December 2014

Talk and Action: U Turning U Turns

Apparently an ICM poll puts the Liberal Democrats at a 'high' of 14%, this since their talk that criticises the Conservatives. Tim Farron is a left-leaning Liberal Democrat and he might pick up the pieces should the Lib Dems do the decent thing and kick out Nick Clegg (or the electorate in Sheffield - one of his earliest betrayals - do it for them).

The argument surely is not what the Liberal Democrats say, but what they do. Tim Farron and the bunch of them have just voted to keep the Bedroom Tax. Enough done, enough said.

Some might wonder, meanwhile, why in this one-time religious blog, I didn't add a voice about the bishoping of Elizabeth Lane to a suffragan post. Why should I, some 110 years after the full ministry achieved  of Gertrude von Petzold? (And she had opposition - then came the difficulties for her of the First World War). Or why respond when the C of E acts decades after many main denominations? Furthermore, this comes when they've created a Bishop of Maidstone to be a reserved designer Conservative Evangelical and The Society under the Patronage of Saint Wilfrid and Saint Hilda is encouraging its Register so that there is an instant list of male only bishops who themselves have been ordained by only a line of male ordained bishops. Oh and never mind the wider issues of gender inclusion.

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