Friday, 20 February 2009

Economic Theology

Anyone can read my piece submitted recently for Episcopal Café that uses theology to examine recent catastrophic economic events that have politicians scurrying around with ever more desperate policies of containment and attempted reversal.

By the way this photo was taken by Elena and is 800 by 600 when clicked upon.

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Fred Schwartz said...


First, the morals exhibited by both the banking and auto industry management staff are nothing more than Enron modified. Enron slowly and methodically squeezed out anyone with a moral compass. Then, went about their deeds. It appears that the banking industry did the same quickly followed by the auto industry. Clearly, money and the making of money is at the heart of what these folks do, not in a capitalist way, but in a greed way. Nothing can get in my way of acquiring the biggest, the most, the greatest amount of money. But, government here in the States helped a great deal. Senator Phil Graham wrote and much to my dismay, President Bill Clinton, signed legislation that allowed this to happen. In essence, we get tons of money for nothing. The idea that goods and services are actually exchanged has fallen by the wayside. The cost of an item is not based on the value of the item but rather who can pay the most for that item. Money and value are divorced. I thinking we have not had a good trust bust in a long time and we are way overdue!