Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sleep and Doors Locked

Snore to our God in the highest,
And peace to his children in bed.

Lord God, tuck me in,
Almighty Primates in Conference,
We sleep the way through, and give them thanks
For conferring at the conference.

Lord Jesus Christ, only peeping at proceedings,
Primates, in secret,
They take some of the work of Churches:
Windsor Continuation Group;
They are looking some more at the Covenant
They have not got a prayer.

For all this seems to go nowhere,
All kicked into long grass;
What is says, all about, the Communion
Of the Anglicans,
Somehow lost to the Holy Spirit.

There are a few reporting lobbyists at this Alexandria meeting, the one that has everyone heading for the pillow.

There is Changing Attitude, providing one spin on it, and David Virtue providing another - two of a small number. Even Ruth Gledhill will have to generate her exclusives from afar.

Also kept afar are the usual suspects, the Chris Sugdens and Martyn Minnses. However, keep them away and another turns up, according to Changing Attitude. Revd Canon Julian Dobbs has been close by Peter Akinola all through, from Akinola's detention at immigration (this is turning into a habit: does he have an undesirable record of some sort?), to collecting him after Primates' sessions.

But they are all keeping very quiet. Nothing until the end about the Windsor Continuation Group, and nothing on the Covenant. Somebody might have mentioned an adolescent skin condition Church, but who knows. Thinking Anglicans gathers the few reports.

And so now it's back to bed, for the alarm clock will go off when they've finished and give the prepared statements and answers to a dimly attended press conference. I'm tired.


Fred Preuss said...

Is that Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies?

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

No, it is Rowan in disciplining mood. Grrr...