Monday, 2 February 2009

Nothing Original

Everyone can have a go:

Rather clever, the people who set these things up, a trend following a trend.
I'm busy tonight changing the ICT part of my website, that is so out of date, and basically for ICT advice it's a case of look elsewhere as there is plenty of it out there better than I can provide. At one time before blog life I used to show how I made software do clever things with lots of pictoral demonstrations; but all I want to do now is leave the minimum with an element of what I prefer and have been doing with software. I've generated a list of what's on my computers and how arranged, and then just focused on a few things I have used and how.

Started and progressing but not complete is a gallery of cartoons that have appeared on this blog and elsewhere, and I started rationalising lots of photos on the full website (too many of wedding, honeymoon and all that hanging about) but this is a huge job and already I'm a little lost comparing what is on computer folders to be online, and what to remove from online, and what to add. I still run the website via Windows 95 and dial up computer (forces it to be efficient). I will later on take some blog articles to become website ones. It is funny how you can leave a website alone and a) it gets old and b) parts start to malfunction. Curiouser.

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