Monday, 12 April 2010


Sunday I provided a couple of segments into Barry Cundhill's organised service at Hull Unitarians. There was a piece on the perceived benefits of church attendance. I wrote it in a theoretical style drawing on contract theory, exchange/ gift theory and social anthropology. I also provided intercessory prayers. As well as a list of rapidly available hymns, now with Hymns for Living 204 added, I also now provide 75 rapidly available short pieces of music that can accompany the offertory or a meditative spot. Incidentally, this was the weekend of the General Assembly, and the attenders should return with twenty five of Sing Your Faith hymns supplement books, so I shall have to get on with expanding the range of tunes and hymns available. Beyond such volunteering, as recently added to my online CVs, I keep a record of applied for jobs, which has also been updated.

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