Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Bunny

The Unitarian service I attended today was about Easter. The earliest resurrection account was one reading, where others could hear but not see, and then from Acts came the account where others could see but not hear. An experience to be contrasted with Tertullian's long winded account of the resurrection as body, blood, sinews, nerves the lot. The local service taker no longer picks away theologically, but grants that the disciples were disheartened. And so he allows Easter to be when when either mystery or perhaps the company of others allows a turn around from despair to hope, which was the theme.

And a chocolate cake with coffee, and talk of theology, and bunnies and eggs and things Pagan and reproductive life...

Another new face, though one that did visit from afar in 2002 and has family connections to a long ago attender (probably deceased) - but not only now nearer, but comes from my side of the river, which must mean that further attendances should involve shared transport (the Humber Bridge is a barrier). I wondered if I'd seen him before; thought he'd seen me in 2002. But it is just as likely as we passed in the street as he's not been in the Anglican church in Barton.

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