Friday, 16 April 2010

Iceland's Revenge

Ever since the UK used anti-terrorist legislation to stop a bankrupt Iceland collapsing its banking within our borders, the Icelanders have had it in for us. Now they have stopped our aircraft.

Two men from the Icelandic firm How on Earth Windows and Doors burrowed into mountain and started lighting some fires, and they heated the rocks, agitated the mountain and the magma ejaculated out. We know why they did it, because they'd gone bust and needed a cheap way to relaunch and produce glass. The rock and ice is superheated into glass and is showering upwards as part of a cheap manufacturing process. They can then collect it as it descends among the tapioca in New Holland (where there is a firm, Howarth Windows and Doors) and other places.

Only today I had to wipe dust off the windows of the car before travelling.

Then look at the shape of the cloud that the Icelanders have blown down to the UK. It is the shape of a woman's stilhetto shoe, which is always dangerous footwear to anyone around her and completely banned from Private Finance Initiative new buildings. The wearer can either kick her opponent or stamp the pointed high heel into her opponent. The Icelanders are doing the same. The buckle is open, which is the travelling means of the glass particles and dust.

I think we need Vince Cable to sort this out.

Thank you for reading this, which is being submitted for a modern day peer-reviewed Icelandic creation myth saga, and in the next blog entry I'll be discussing how Christianity works.

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David |Dah • veed| said...

Christianity works? Does she also wear stilettos?