Saturday, 17 April 2010

Latest Video Text from Glad Ruthie

As you all know I have something of a Unitarian ancestry and have been to their national gathering which was very nice but then I am more evangelical and have contacts, which is me really, and in looking for the next controversial thing I can report on I managed to go to Africa and interview his holiness the former Archbishop of Nigeria with nothing on who pays the ferryman and that gets me among my friends in the new GAFFCON crowd and yet of course in the new world of blogging and lots of first hand accounts I have no need to travel anywhere much any more though I am always at the end of a telephone, that old technology, with the old address book of contacts and all of which with this Internet these days keeps the all important expenses down and then ha! that's me amongst the bishops at the 2008 Lambeth Conference which looked quite good and just who was that bishop's wife with all the flesh exposed tattoos as I like a bit of the old combination of incisive thinking if I have it and self-presentation which I do as I was sat on the lawn amongst all the purple and that's me but then despite my links from all those evangelical blogs and right wingers really and then what controversy I can create with my issues dartboard like that other cartoonist once did when it comes to this poor 'do something please' archbishop but you can see a strategy or you can't and that's me and most Christians are liberal Christians really and I am and I don't like all this recent talk of persecution when there isn't any although I myself will soon disappear behind a pay wall and will have to shout especially loudly to attract any attention rather like my good friend this Cudden Carelyless does but he is getting embarrassing so I might see whether my expenses runs to giving him an interview next time as I have his number in my book or perhaps when he is in court up against some sympathetic judges but only if I can tear away from the various books and blogs that keep reminding me what is the way Christianity is sort of dividing up at the moment because sometimes I'm not sure or get it wrong yet then I see that I have some sympathetic comments on Blinking Anglicans this time which is good but I wonder what Standfur is like if I must look there but I do to keep the expenses down and must find something else to write about that does not necessarily show what I don't know about that much but whether I can make a big splash, you know that sort of thing once the shutters go down and I wonder which church I shall attend on Sunday but I don't do Roman Catholic or perhaps I shall become a Buddhist instead next week if they have anything to discuss much which they don't really so the archbishop is much more fun and then they've got that other one who's a publicity seeker but then I don't know anything about that.

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Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't?