Tuesday, 5 July 2011

AMie Even More

This is typical of the wimpish attitude of Lambeth Palace when it comes to Conservative Evangelical entryists:

There needs to be some further discussion of this development between those involved and the diocesan bishops of the Church of England.

Not: this is illegitimate, it is a clear attempt at a parallel organisation, and it is time it was stopped. Just something like the Archbishop of Canterbury had a nice chat with the Archbishop of Kenya over these matters, like his sponsoring and therefore international oversight of priests to come into England. The chap in Kenya might not know the precise rules and be misunderstanding the situation (sort of).

Let's treat the chap in Kenya, Eliud Wabukala, with some intelligence. He knows exactly what he is doing.

Here is how it works. A small bunch of Conservative Evangelicals who represent a tiny constituency in the West, contrasted with other evangelicals and broad Church types, want to increase their influence. They go hunting to Africa and invent the notion of international oversight, and thus increase their own influence because these Africans (if not all) push a magical, literalistic Bible. Now normally such would be sat on as culturally and academically irrelevant, except that this Archbishop of Canterbury has his own fantasies about worldwide Anglicanism run by bunches of bishops all to be co-ordinated by a Covenant, one that will freeze the Church of England (as anti-inclusive) because it is provider of the Instrument of the Archbishop to such as the Archbishop of Kenya and others.

Thus the Conservative Evangelicals don't get dealt with, but can continue their own form of Protestant worldwide Anglicanism. Don't be surprised when they get to bite off the head of the Archbishop, or at best make him or the successor their very own wimp.


Suem said...

I agree! The C of E has gone down the path of a pathetic and unprincipled appeasement of those who are not willing to be appeased in the first place.Basically they lack balls and I do sort of feel this serves them right. I blogged to that effect earlier.

mikeb said...

my problem is that rowen forgets this is the english church - the church of england, percuilar to the needs of the he church in england, not nigera, new york or timbuktu.