Monday, 18 July 2011

More on Appearances

So George Pitcher is "better suited" to the world of journalism, and says this at perhaps the craft's lowest moment when there is a political scandal swirling bigger than the Profumo affair in 1963 - involving journalists, police, media corporate governance, criminals, innocent victims, celebrities and politicians seeking favours. It is like saying, 'I am better suited descending into hell.'

But, hang on, is this another sacrifice of another for the purpose of the public appearance of this Archbishop in Lambeth Palace? Pitcher had engineered a fantastic opportunity for the boss to be editor and writer of a thoughtful magazine, and it included the thoughts of Iain Duncan Smith, a government minister with a task of destabilising the poor and unoccuptied. It was hardly a one way attack on the coalition; the fear that the coalition has created among people like me is also quite real. But politics is about appearances, and Lambeth Palace seems to be about politics these days, inside and outside its Church.

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