Saturday, 9 July 2011


We are singing a new hymn tomorrow, and it will be played on the clavinola. However, I have transcribed it and here below is the text and you can also see my .PDF of the score (it varies from the hymn book for practical music-producing reasons), the .MID for the basic computer sound (my .OGG and .WAV result is considerably better) and the .XML for inserting into computer score-writing software (the .MID can be used that way too). It is lyrics and music copyright by Rev. Myrna Michell, Minister at York Unitarians, who takes the Hull service, so if you mess about with it you do it for private consumption.

In the morning,
When the dawn leans
Far across the land,
Take a moment
To recall those
Little things you planned.

Let your feelings fly....,
They will not be bound;
Stretch your voices high...;
Send them all around.

If the morning's and
All the world seems grey,
Don't turn over
In your bed; stand
Up and face the day.

Make the dark clouds fly...,
At your own command;
Life is standing by....;
Take it by the hand.

So I think it is 445.445.8585. but I'm a bit thick when it comes to understanding music.

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