Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Anglican Poetry Corner

Old Jack Iker
Is like a biker
Who'll ride towards
In Common Cause
(Without the women)
Who'll ever have him.
Yes it's Episcopal canon balls
To get some cover from Venables

Robert Duncan:
He's a right one.
He'll circle the wagons
around Fort worth
To say without mirth:
Someone else can have him
Here on earth.
So chuck him a bone
From the Southern Cone.

Rowan Williams
Juggles millions
Over Lambeth and the rest.
He writes so nuanced
Yet not so fluent -
Surely not clueless
When it comes to the diocese
and its relationship
To his high Lordship:
Like some Lunar Tea
He wants worldwide unity
But (not wishing to besmirch)
It's only in the national Church
Without any flaw
That he'll find Canon Law.

Jefferts Schorri
Is on the beach,
Who points her finger
With the effect of bleach.
After a warning,
It must be dawning
That, whatever they say,
They'll be on their way;
Whatever the criteria
It could be Nigeria.
But give a hearty moan
For that Southern Cone.

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