Friday, 3 June 2011

Durham Gets an Unoriginal Route

Well, you see, what I think is, in the spirit of one of my predecessor's here, you know during the 1980s coal dispute, that what the Church of England needs is a good dose of corporate capitalism. Now as a bishop I'm ever so 'umble and really have come via a very average route for a bishop, which means, you know, a bit privileged don't you know entirely in the old ways of the Church of England. Rab was quite a moderate Tory don't you know, and became Baron Butler, but not Butler as in the butler with the drinks but the one who called the butler. And I went to Eton, which exceeds the best of the comprehensives, and Trinity College, and ended up big in the Oil Industry don't you know, which is quite a bit different from supporting the miners like that war of Jenkins ear did, but then there are ethics in exploiting natural resources and indeed ethics in shifting money in the City of London like I advise as we saw so recently when the whole world economy nearly came crashing down thanks to the capitalist dynamic. And the NHS, divided up into Trusts like enterprises, well I could indeed lead one of those. Chrstianity? Oh yes bang the drum and cymbal for that one. Well I thought, one day, I'd done the finances and extracted lots of the black stuff and taken so much out in the Capitalist Spirit so perhaps I could find a Protestant Ethic conscience and put something back in, don't you know, wear some of the black stuff with that little white collar and of course I am leadership material like I wear it well.

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June Butler said...

Priests who have previously worked in high-powered jobs in the capitalist system should be required to repent before they become bishops in the CofE. Since gay priests will be asked to repent of their past sexual sins, it seems only fair.