Sunday, 21 April 2013

Don't Overdo it, John! Or me!

John Midgley reads his own column in the coming The Inquirer rather well. I refer to it here because he refers to me, about four and three quarter minutes in. My position regarding music at Hull sounds terribly puffed up, though he's right to say I'm no musician. Look, I just create the CDs used in the services, drawing on the resources I have built up and the playing equipment that it became my project to install. It is easier and looser to be an artist than a musician, and the painting referred to is here among my galleries of selected artwork - most of which, online, are chosen for their cartooning quality and that's why this picture was there in the first place. Many of my landscapes do not even feature. Perhaps they should; some of my cartoons are deliberately subverting of expectations given the freedom the artist gets over the subject. I try for accuracy and to emphasise features, and I play about with appearances in general including after some clergy became models on the catwalk.

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