Friday, 30 August 2013

RIP Liberal Democrats

Surely the final demise of any credibility of the Liberal Democrats is their stance on Syria. Their one remaining moral high ground was the memory of opposition to the war in Iraq. Now, however, their metamorphosis into a right wing party of absence of analysis is demonstrated in not asking what an attack on Syria would actually achieve. This is a party that now attacks the poor in this country and would escalate conflict abroad. We who voted for them were duped: the manifesto was rapidly dumped and much of it never intended anyway, and now the right wing merger with the Tory leadership has become complete.

Ed Miliband, subject to whispering and attacks from former Blairite types, has come out of this well after a dodgy start. The authority of the coalition government is crumbling. We need an election soon and to change the leadership, and refresh the body politic.

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