Sunday 9 March 2014


With three weeks to go and the whole controversy of gay and lesbian Anglican clergy not marrying when they tin can is boiling five minutes over so much that there are few yellowy yolks that can be told that are at all funny. The Evangelical Group of the General Synod, EGGS, which has well poached its its rules of belonging from the Church of England Evangelical Council, wants the bishops to crack a shell down on those who would marry and extend the 'not allowed' discipline to lay cluck cluck ministers and have clear 'you are overdone' pastoral responses to lay cluck marriage partners. They obviously think many bishops could become a bit runny and yellow yolk when it comes to following their own instructions: John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford, now thinks the message was somewhat scrambled with a spoon and hard overcooked (to hear this good egg pre-cook for 35 minutes). Of course there are other bishops, like EGGS' own at Winchester, who might be keen on seeing the runny whites in your eyes and might chucky their weight around. Presumably their clergy will be disciplined like toasted soldiers. Some clergy will nevertheless marry, and force the issue, while others will be chicken. The legislation has forced the Church of England to come off its perch and choose one way or the other; the question is whether the facilitated discussions have any purpose in laying cluck down a different law and dust-bath the previous regulation. Incompatible groups make up the Church and most of them are flapping their wings furiously now. The whole issue that once cooked slowly is now a bit of an egg burger for the institution.

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